“A Garden of Eden in Hell”

If that title caught your attention, I’m glad. It certainly did capture mine. It’s actually the title of a book written about the life of Alice Herz Sommer. And just who is Alice? She’s a 108-year-old Nazi concentration camp survivor, and she was recently interviewed by Tony Robbins. This 12-minute interview is a MUST WATCH.

I watched the interview and was totally convicted. Her attitude in the midst of some of the most heinous acts in human history was mind boggling. She quite literally laughed her way through the concentration camp, and she hasn’t stopped since. Her approach to life is something to be cherished and learned from, to say the least.

This video got me thinking: How many times have I let the negative side of a situation get to me? Be it my back pain, a traffic jam, or spilling my smoothie all over the cabinet like I did this morning, I know there have been times when I have reacted poorly. How many times have you done it? What has been your mental approach to the pain you’re suffering from? I know mine wasn’t very positive. I was 15 years old and being told that I might not be able to play sports again. Now, don’t get me wrong…for a 15 year old, that can be tough to hear. But to think that Alice was laughing while being held in a concentration camp puts my little “inconvenience” in perspective.

I’ll encourage you to watch the video in its entirety. It’ll only take 12 minutes of your day, but I guarantee it’ll be the most convicting and challenging 12 minutes of your day. While watching the video, I want you to think about your mental approach to what has happened in your life. Have you responded to negative events like Alice has?



QUESTION: What was your takeaway from Alice’s story?