Top Blog Posts of the Year: #2

I can’t count the number of clients we see who are dealing with scoliosis. I have worked with clients as young as 10-12 years old whose lives have been impacted by this condition. I’ve seen clients who have worn back braces for months on end in an attempt to straighten their curve. I’ve worked with clients who have had Harrington Rods surgically implanted. In fact, one of our other clinics actually had a client who broke their Harrington Rod. The Harrington Rod had only treated the symptom (scoliosis) and hadn’t address the underlying cause. There was an unbelievable amount of pressure that was still on the spine, and the rod broke. Pretty scary stuff!

My post about “Egoscue and Scoliosis” was the 2nd-most read post of 2011. For those of you who searched for scoliosis and found my blog, my hope is by reading the success stories of other clients you’ll find that your current condition isn’t permanent . Your body can change. Your body can heal




As an end-of-the-year bonus, I wanted to include a couple other scoliosis posts for you. Actually, they both involve the same client, Tara. She is an inspiration to clients the world over, but more than that, she is an inspiration to ME. The way she tackled her pain head-on is nothing short of courageous. I hope she inspires you the way she did me.

You can read her initial testimonial here:




You can hear her story in her own words in the following video. This video came as a complete surprise to me. I had no idea she was going to do this, but I’m so thankful she did! Be warned, you might need a box of tissues close by. I know I did!



QUESTION: Do you believe there is HOPE that your current condition can change?