Top Blog Posts of the Year: #3

I’m sure you have heard the terms before: “Tennis Elbow,” “Golfer’s Elbow,” or the always dreaded “Runner’s Knee” (insert the dramatic Duh, Duh, Duh sound effects here!). Chances are, you’ve been diagnosed with one of those. It’s society’s way of telling you that your sport or activity is to blame for your pain. Maybe you haven’t had one of those labels put on you, but you have had a health practitioner tell you that a different activity is to blame for your pain, and as a result you need to STOP doing that activity. I mean, it makes sense…right?

Wrong! How quickly you forget that running doesn’t hurt both of your knees or that you’ve never touched a tennis racquet or golf club in your life. You’ve heard me say it a million times, and you’ll hear me say it a million more–You have to start focusing on the body coming to the activity. If the body coming to the activity is positioned correctly and functioning efficiently, you will be able to enjoy your activity without pain and free of limitations. The following post was the 3rd most popular post of 2011 and talks about a cure for Runner’s Knee. However, just because it’s about Runner’s Knee doesn’t mean it won’t apply to your current condition. Feel free to substitute your activity-related injury in place of Runner’s Knee!


QUESTION: If you’ve been told your pain is due to your favorite activity, do you believe it?