Top Blog Posts of the Year: #4

I get asked about ergonomics multiple times per week: “Should I try to sit up straight at my desk?”, “What do you think about those high-dollar office chairs?”, “Is rearranging my workspace a good idea?”

While I do think that sitting up tall, getting a nice chair, and rearranging your workspace are all good ideas, I believe more time should be spent on addressing the position of the body that is coming to the office. If the body is in the proper position, you can forget about all the other stuff. You won’t have to think about sitting up straight, spending thousands of dollars on an office chair, or adjusting the arms of the chair to be a “better fit” for you.

Another popular option has a lot of people going to a standing desk. Again, while this may be a good idea, my focus is on the body coming to the office. If your body is functional, it won’t matter if you’re standing or sitting. Either way, you’ll be pain free and your body will be working efficiently.

Dwight Schrute from NBC’s “The Office” recently tried out a standing desk. And although this post is less than a month old, it has quickly rocketed up the rankings to become one of the most popular posts of the entire year. You can check out his experience here…


QUESTION: What adjustments have you made at the office to make your workspace more comfortable?