Top Blog Posts of the Year: #7

This post was eye-opening for our clients. We see a LOT of clients with varicose veins, however the vast majority of them don’t come in to our clinic because of their varicosities. They don’t make the correlation that their varicose veins are connected to their back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc…but they are.

Whenever I see varicosities, I almost always inquire about them–“How long have you had them?”, “Are they worse on one leg versus the other?”, etc. And, I usually get a response like, “I got them when I was pregnant,” or “I stand a lot at work,” or “It’s because I _______” (they fill in the blank with their favorite activity). While they assume that an event or activity is to blame, I question that logic. If pregnancy, or standing, or their favorite activity is at fault, then why aren’t the varicosities the same on both legs?

Here’s an explanation as to why you have varicosities, and what you can do about them:


QUESTION: What have you been told about your varicosities, and what treatment option were you given?