Top Blog Posts of the Year: #10

Over these last two weeks of 2011, I’m recapping the Top-10 most popular posts of the year.

Coming in at #10 is a post from January 26, entitled “The Body is Amazing.” In this post, I shared some x-rays of a client who was suffering from knee pain. The diagnosis was a degenerative knee and torn meniscus and he was told that a knee replacement was in his future. As per most clients, he was informed that once the cartilage is gone, it’s gone. However, we at Egoscue disagree. Pete Egoscue was ridiculed heavily for what he said in his book, Pain Free (pg. 107).

As for the ‘irreversible’ cartilage loss, why of all the tissue in the body would the cartilage by the only one that does not regenerate? The answer is that it does regenerate. Laboratory experiments in Sweden have shown that under the right conditions cartilage, like any tissue, can be grown. Moreover, sports medicine practitioners have long recognized that athletes increase their cartilage density and shock-absorbing capacity during proper training.


The client from the following post kindly declined to have knee replacement surgery, and instead he told the doc that he was going to do Egoscue first. The result? Well, see for yourself…


QUESTION: What are your thoughts on regeneration of not only the meniscus, but the other parts of the body believed to be “permanently” damaged, such as nerves?