“Stop Your Pain!” Radio Show–Golf & Tennis

Rick Mathes had the second installment of the “Stop Your Pain!” radio show this week. In this week’s show, he talks about how to get the most out of your favorite sport, specifically golf and tennis. On the golf side of things, he was joined by one of my clients, Jim Gallagher, Jr.to talk golf. Jim just finished his first season on the Champions Tour and had a great season. He completed in over 15 events and told me a few months ago, “There’s NO way I would have been able to play this year without Egoscue.”

Talking tennis, Rick was joined by David Smith from our Egoscue San Francisco clinic. David came as a clinic after experiencing low back pain while playing professional tennis. David shares his personal story and how Egoscue can impact your tennis game.

Great episode, guys! Listen to the full episode by clicking below:


QUESTION: What is your favorite sport, and how has Egoscue impacted your performance?