List of the Healthiest States Released

I’m always on the lookout for the rankings of the states that are the most and least active, the ones that have the best and worst eating habits, and the latest one–the healthiest and unhealthiest states.

I always scan the list to find where Tennessee ranks, and sadly, I usually end up at the bottom. Unless the list is “The Top Cities/States to Listen to Live Country Music,” we are typically somewhere in the bottom 1/3. This year’s list is no different. Tennessee comes in at #39, making it one of the unhealthiest states.

What’s sad, yet unfortunately not shocking, is that we aren’t alone. If you look at the states that are home to the 12 schools of the Southeastern Conference, which include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, you’ll see that all are in the bottom 18 states. That’s 9 states in the bottom 18. However, if you include Missouri and Texas, which will each add a school to the SEC in 2012, that brings the total to 11 states in the bottom 18, or 61% of the bottom-dwellers. In addition, if you exclude the highest ranking state, Florida, which comes in at #33, the numbers are even scarier–the remaining 10 SEC states would then fall in the bottom 14. That equates to a staggering 71% of the bottom third. I never knew the phrase, “The South Will Rise Again!” was referring to our weight and cholesterol.

What truly surprised me was the fact that four out of the top five states are all in the northeast. States known for incredible amounts of snowfall and winters that last nine months out of the year are the healthiest.

We’re extremely unhealthy, America. Or, should I say, we’re extremely unhealthy, southerners. Something’s gotta give.

QUESTION: Where did your state end up?