How to be Healthy & More Creative at Work

If you’re anything like me, I have a hard time staying focused at work when I’m not on the therapy floor working with a client. Like any office, we have distractions that can, and sometimes do, distract me from the task at hand.

Take writing, for example. For as much as I write, writing in and of itself doesn’t come naturally to me. I can easily get sucked in to Facebook and Twitter and have nothing down on paper when my allotted writing time is up. There are a few things I do to stay focused to ensure that I’m as attentive to the task at hand as possible. I’ll have my receptionist hold my calls, I’ll close out of all the other windows and browsers on my computer, and I’ll make sure my body is in the best position possible while sitting. While I don’t “try” to sit up straight in my chair, I do make sure my body is aligned by doing my Egoscue menu before I sit down. If you don’t have a personalized menu, you can try these right at your desk:

The website, The 99 Percent, recently ran an article that was titled “8 Counter-Intuitive Ways to Improve your Well Being & Creativy” that I wanted to share with you. They give some great tips as to how you can break up the monotony of your day while reenergizing your body and your mind!

QUESTION: What do you do throughout your day to stay active and healthy?