The Best Fitness Apps

I don’t have a personal trainer, and I don’t know every machine at my local YMCA, but the good news is, in this day and age, I don’t necessarily need to. The world we live in is different. The more we rely on handheld devises for our fitness and wellness accountability, the less we rely on  hand-holding from an actual person for our fitness and wellness accountability.

I’m sure the vast majority of you use some sort of website or app on your iPhone or iPad to suggest your workouts or track your workouts, but in case you don’t, I wanted to point you to some of the ones that I use.

One of the best websites I’ve found to track my workouts and those of my friends is Daily Mile. If you aren’t familiar with DM, it’s basically like a workout version of Facebook. You can find your friends, post on their profile pages, and comment on their workouts. My friends and I use it to keep each other motivated, but as competitive as I am, it always turns into a competition to see who compiled the most mileage each week! While DM doesn’t have its own app, there are some that work with it, like Electric Miles and Cyclemeter (among others).

If you’re looking for a great timer app, I recommend UltraTrainer. With UT you can set it for different increments and intervals. You can program in workout durations along with specified rest periods. This is the perfect app if you’re doing any type of burst training. If you’re not sure what burst training is, check out the BurstClub workouts. My friends, Nathan and Jenni Oates will whip your butt into shape in just three minutes per day! Don’t believe me? That’s ok, I was skeptical at first too…then I did the workout. After almost vomiting on several occasions, I was convinced!

If you’re a cyclist, the best app I’ve found is iMapMyRIDE. It has a built-in GPS to track your routes, but also keeps track of your speed and how long the ride took. You can connect with friends, and can post your workouts to Facebook to allow for “public” accountability and encouragement.

If you’re a runner, check out the RunKeeper Pro app. With RunKeeper, you can hear audio cues while you’re working out. Nothing like a little verbal encouragement to keep you moving!

QUESTION: What’s your favorite fitness app?