Top 10 Scariest Playgrounds

The folks at KaBOOM have a great mission–they want to get kids playing again. Actually, according to their website they are “peppy, purple-adorned people who passionately promote the power of play!” What a great way to describe not only what you do, but also the enthusiasm behind what you do. If their mission sounds familiar, that’s because it should. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know that KaBOOM basically mirrors the mission of The Egoscue Foundation and the Patch Project Initiative. We, too, want to get kids playing again. It’s safe to say that kids today are motion-starved.

KaBOOM recently held a contest to find the Top 10 Scary Playgrounds in the country. They revealed the winners (?) last Friday. This was eye-opening for me. I know there are schools that can’t afford to build a playground and others that are pulling physical education out of the curriculum due to rising costs of equipment and declining access to funding. What I didn’t think about was the ones that have playgrounds in place yet don’t take care of them and keep them up. Some of these look like they’ve been deserted for years.

Here are some pictures of the “winning” playground:

Grand Prize Winner Dan Watson submitted Ponderosa Park in Fredonia, Ariz. The playground, which is adjacent to the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indian Reservation, had been forgotten for years, but is now going to get some much needed attention.


You can see the rest of the list HERE. Be warned, however, even though Halloween is over, these are still pretty scary pictures! Be sure to follow KaBOOM on Twitter and like them on Facebook. You’ll definitely want to keep up with these folks–they’re definitely doing some great things for our children and our communities.

QUESTION: Are there playgrounds in your area that need attention? How can YOU make a difference?