Delvon Roe’s Retirement from Basketball

It’s not every day that you hear of a college athlete “retiring” from his or her sport, but sadly that’s exactly what happened at the end of September. Michigan State power forward, Delvon Roe, at the young age of 21 (he’s 22 now) announced that he was retiring from basketball because of severe knee pain. Coming out of high school, Delvon Roe was considered one of the top players in the nation and was the cornerstone of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo’s 2008 recruiting class.

Roe missed his entire senior year of high school basketball because of knee problems, and the pain and injuries followed him to Michigan State. Despite what was described as excruciating knee pain, Roe never missed a game in his college career. Quite the remarkable accomplishment when you consider what he was faced with.

Roe has been diagnosed with “degenerative knee pain,” which we see all the time in our clinics. More often than not, the cause of the knee degeneration is due to an imbalance in the hips. Once the hips are balanced out, the knees follow suit. I’ve posted the following x-rays on here before, but in an effort to give Delvon hope that he doesn’t have to live with knee pain forever, I want to repost them so show how one’s knee position, and the degeneration that is caused by the misalignment, can change. We have to keep in mind that there is a reason why Delvon’s (and the client in these x-rays) knees degenerated, and once the cause is removed, the knees have a chance to regenerate. The body is pretty stinkin’ cool.

Here are the “before” x-rays (notice the outside of the client’s right knee is bone-on-bone):

And here are the “after” x-rays, just 15 months later:

See anything different? You guessed it…the knee had completely repositioned and this client is no longer bone-on-bone. The knee (and knee cartilage) now has a chance to regenerate, and this client is back to running pain free! What a remarkable piece of machinery we are walking around with. Delvon Roe is walking around on that same remarkable piece of machinery, and his body, if given the proper attention, can change as well. His current condition doesn’t have to be his health destiny.

QUESTION: Have you been told you have a “permanent” injury, and do you believe that to be true?