Headaches? Here’s WHY…

We see a LOT of clients who suffer from headaches on a regular basis. Some clients get them a few times a month while others suffer from them on a daily basis. Regardless of the regularity of them, you know how debilitating they can be. Clients who suffer from migraines can be out of commission for days at a time. That scenario doesn’t exactly lend itself to a high level of productivity.

The key with a headache is to determine why you have it. As usual, we want to get to the source of the pain, rather than just treating the pain itself. For a lot of you, I’m sure the treatment is medication. Most of you pop an Advil, maybe an Excedrin, or…better yet…Excedrin Migraine! What about those of you who carry around Imitrex in your purse or backpack just in case you get a really bad one? Think about this: When your car is making a “clunking” noise, turning the music up louder so that you don’t hear the noise isn’t going to fix the problem. The same is true with that headache. We can’t pop an Excedrin simply to “mute” the headache pain. We have to address the underlying problem…just like you would do with your car.

Headaches are caused by a misalignment of your upper back, shoulders and head. When your shoulders and upper back are rounded forward (like most of ours are), your head naturally follows. If you could see yourself from the side view, you’d notice that your ear is sitting in front of the middle of your shoulder. In case you didn’t know, this isn’t a functional position. Because of your rounded upper back and forward shoulder position, your lungs are being compressed and your heart is being compressed. Bottom line–your respiratory and  cardiovascular systems are completely compromised. 

Yet your body, with its perfect design, knows that despite the position that your upper back, shoulders and head are in, it still needs to get blood and oxygen to your brain in order to keep you alive. However, with your body being in the position it’s in, getting blood and oxygen to your brain is like trying to navigate a four-lane highway in Los Angeles that has three lanes under construction–Everyone is getting from Point A to Point B, but not very efficiently.

As a result, the capillaries, the tiny vessels that know they must get blood to the brain and facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, expand in an attempt to get from Point A to Point B. They are essentially bulldozing their way through traffic, and it’s that expansion of the capillaries that causes the headache pain. The capillaries are expanding out of necessity, because they know they have to keep you alive!

So…what’s the solution? Change your upper back, shoulder and head position and you’ll eliminate your headaches once and for all. Check out THIS VIDEO for exercises to get you started. You can also try out these 4 Free E-cises to realign and balance your body. Try them out for yourself and let me know what changes!

QUESTION: How have headaches impacted your life?