Peyton Manning’s Neck Injury

There has been a lot of talk recently about former University of Tennessee and current Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning has had two neck surgeries in the past four months. Not good, when you’re one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Also not good when you signed a new contract extension worth $90 million just a couple months ago. I KNOW that Manning wants to be on the field playing, and I KNOW that Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, wants Manning on the field…but only if he’s healthy.

The most recent surgery Manning had took place in Germany, as it’s not approved in the United States. He had a stem cell treatment done to help the healing process and aide in the regeneration process. It’s believed that the stem cell treatment will help with inflammation.

While I think the stem cell treatment will ultimately pay dividend for Manning, I also believe that the disc issue in his neck isn’t actually a disc issue. I believe the discs in his neck are simply reacting to his head and shoulder position being out of alignment. The disc issue is merely a symptom of a larger structural problem. Take a look at these two pictures:

Notice how his left shoulder is higher than his right? That’s a problem. That’s a foundation that isn’t stable. The vertebrae sitting above the shoulders cannot line up properly. Imagine building your house on an uneven foundation. It’s not going to be stable and strong for very long. Also, it’s hard to tell, but it looks like his shoulders are rounded forward more than they normally would be in this arms-crossed position. Again…that’s a problem. Your shoulders aren’t designed to be rounded forward.

Take a look at his head position in that picture. Imagine a line being drawn from the middle of his shoulder to the middle of his ear. The ear should be sitting directly on top of the shoulder. Is that where it is? Not even close! This is a HUGE problem. The discs in Manning’s neck are simply responding to their surroundings. His head is so far in front of his shoulder it’s practically in the next zip code! That HAS to change for Manning to get healthy. As long as the treatments and procedures that Manning is receiving are treating the discs in his neck rather than the position of his head and shoulders (and the rest of his body for that matter), he is wasting valuable time and energy.

If the Colts’ brass wants him back on the field after he heals from surgery, playing at a higher level than before, and without worrying about future injuries, call me. I’m four hours down the road and can guarantee that Manning will see results.


QUESTION: Have you been dealing with chronic neck pain? Chances are, it’s not a neck issue!