Are you Depressed? Then Take a Hike!

No seriously, take a hike. Get up. Move. Do something. Why? Because a new study shows that exercise is the new drug of choice when it comes to depression. According to this NY Times article, nearly 30% of patients in a new study achieved remission of depression simply by adding exercise into their daily regime. Some of you may find this surprising. I, on the other hand, am not shocked at all.

Take a look at this Charlie Brown comic:

If you think your posture and your depression aren’t linked…think again. I think there’s a huge connection (and so does Charlie Brown). Also, so does Pete Egoscue. If you haven’t seen his new book “Pain Free Living” I would highly suggest picking up a copy. Pete talks about the connection between your posture and your emotions. If you struggle with depression, try the e-cises in the “Pessimist” chapter of the book. Be sure to contact me and tell me how you felt after doing the e-cises.

Did you know that movement is not only a natural way to fight your depression, but will also improve your posture? I love that there is now a “scientific study” that proves, once again, something that Pete has been saying for years: Your posture and your emotions are 100% connected!

I know for a lot of you reading this, depression is a VERY real, daily fight, and I commend you for your strength as you battle an often-times silent opponent. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

QUESTION: Do you agree or disagree with the notion that exercise can impact depression?