10 Players with Torn Achilles in NFL Preseason

There have been a staggering number of Achilles tears this preseason. Ten players, including two Tennessee Titans, have suffered the injury that will put them out for the entire season. ESPN’s John Clayton was quick to report that the latest target, Detroit Lions’ rookie running back Mikel LeShoure, was just another player who is suffering the ill-effects of the NFL lockout. Clayton’s justification was that the number of tears was up because teams were prevented from practicing together this offseason during the lockout, and once the lockout was over, have had to “rush” players into shape in this shortened preseason. But if that’s the case, wouldn’t all players suffer from the same injury? Aren’t they all in the same boat? They’ve all had no organized offseason and all have had a shortened preseason.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few teams who have suffered losses in the first two weeks of camp. According to the Detroit Free Press, the list includes:

Eagles defensive end Victor Abiamiri, Browns punter Reggie Hodges, Bengals linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy, Giants cornerback Bruce Johnson, Raiders receiver Derrick Jones, Saints linebacker Jeremiha Hunter, 49ers cornerback Curtis Holcomb and two Titans players, cornerback Ryan Mouton and receiver O.J. Murdock, also have suffered Achilles injuries.

Isn’t it amazing that guys like John Lynch (14 seasons), Junior Seau (20 seasons) and Brian Urlacher (entering his 12th season) have all had extremely long careers with very little injuries. I believe a huge reason for this is due to their work with Egoscue. Without a doubt, their bodies were and are in the best condition and position possible to go out week in and week out and punish not only the other players in the league, but themselves. We all know football is a punishing game, and these guys understand their body needs to function like a high-powered Ferrari.

In my opinion, the Achilles ruptures this preseason have little-to-nothing to with a shortened schedule. Thankfully, others agree with me, including LeShoure’s head coach, Jim Schwartz:

Coach Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions said he did not think the lockout was to blame for losing Leshoure, a second-round draft pick.

“We had a player a couple of years ago get one and there was no lockout that year,” Schwartz told reporters Monday. “He was in great shape and was one of our hardest workers. It’s just one of those things. Running backs obviously load up their ankles and things like that quite a bit.”

Personally, I believe that the majority of players getting hurt have a musculoskeletal imbalance that results in this deviating injury, rather than just being “one of those things” as Schwartz suggests. If they were balanced, their bodies would perform like they were designed. It’s that simple. And I think John, Junior, and Brian would agree with me.