Eliminating Pain and Achieving New Goals!

I got this email from a client today, and I had to share it with you. This is a client of mine in Germany. I saw her once on Skype and we have then continued the process with our Online Therapy. She’s been working hard, and she’s is DEFINITELY seeing the results! She originally came to Egoscue with extreme back pain. She had three cortisone shots in December, was taking muscle relaxers, and had bunion surgery on both feet. Needless to say, she wasn’t able to do much due to the pain. She was making great progress but noted in an email just last week that she was still needing to hold on to the rials when doing the stair climber at the gym.

My, oh my, how things have changed. Check out what she said today:

Climbed the 2 flights of stairs to the aerobic machine room WITHOUT HOLDING ON TO THE STAIRS!  Yes, it’s labored looking, but I did it.  I get to the tower 6 out of 7 nights a week.  I actually look forward to the relief it brings most nights.  Some nights its still a pain in the butt to get to, but I do because I LOVE BEING PAIN FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

I love that she’s PAIN FREEEEEEEEEEEE as well! She took control of her health and regained her life, because I truly believe she wasn’t living before…she was merely existing.

QUESTION: Are you living? Or just existing? Have you been told that your condition or diagnosis is permanent? Do you believe it?