Egoscue Nashville turns 5!



To the BEST clients in all of Egoscue,

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who have made this day possible! My wife, Carrie, and I are so honored that you all have supported us over the last five years. You’ve seen us grow from a travel clinic, to a one-room office, to a full fledged clinic, and I can’t thank you enough. So many of you have been with us from Day 1, and for that I am eternally grateful. Your trust in me as your therapist and your body’s ability to heal itself have made Egoscue Nashville into one of the top Egoscue clinics in the world. I’m honored to have served you for the last five years, and I look forward to working with you the next five years, and beyond. Keep up the great work, and again, thank you for your continued support!

I’d love to see each and every one of you at the events next week. Even if you can’t make one of the events, touch base with us and let us know how you’re doing. We always love hearing from you!


Everything is FREE!


MONDAY, JULY 11th   8-9am

Function Class – Whether you have been coming to Egoscue for a long time or you are brand new – this will be a wonderful way to start your week!  BRING AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU LIKE!  You will all leave with renewed energy & better function to kick-start your week!

TUESDAY, JULY 12th   12-2pm

Tower (Movie) Tuesday  – Could you think of anything better to do on a Tuesday afternoon lunch hour than lay in the tower and watch a movie?  We will have popcorn and snacks as we watch our mystery movie together.  BRING YOUR OWN TOWER & REFRACTION GLASSES! 

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13th   7-8pm

Pain Free Workshop – Learn WHY you HURT and what YOU can do about it!  Bring a FRIENDCO-WORKER or FAMILY member and help them learn how to stop depending on doctors, medication, or just feeling like they will never return to full health!  Bring them to this hour workshop and help themREGAIN HOPE!

THURSDAY, JULY 14th   4pm

Function Run & Celebration – Meet at the clinic and we will function run at Aspen Grove Park where you will get an amazing workout while having some fun!  Afterwards we will have snacks and beverages back at the clinic to celebrate our 5th Anniversary of being in the Nashville area!

FRIDAY, JULY 15th   6-8am

Boot Camp Trial Session – Wondering if you should try a week of Patch Boot Camp with Egoscue Nashville? Test it out an early morning workout for FREE to end our week of celebration!

*Please call 615-771-8556 to SAVE your spot for each FREE event!*