Drink More…Pee Less: The Key to Hydration

I’m guessing that title has you a little curious. I’m sure that you’re thinking that by drinking more, you’ll have to urinate more, but that’s not exactly true.

I’m sure that if you were to drink three large glasses of water right now you would, no doubt, have to run to the restroom within the hour. However, it’s not the water’s fault. It’s also not your bladder’s fault. I don’t think you have a “small” bladder or a bladder that has become “over stretched” and therefore can’t function correctly. I believe you’re dehydrated.

The majority of us are thinking about the bladder incorrectly. We are thinking of it as a bowl (a holding compartment) rather than a membrane (something that is designed to be saturated and lubricated).

Think about what happens when you pour water over a dry sponge. If you’ve done this before, you know that the water runs right off. Only when the sponge is wet will it absorb water. When you think about it, it sounds completely backwards, doesn’t it? You have to get something soaking wet for it to absorb water.



Amazingly, your bladder works the same way. It’s designed to be saturated. It’s designed to hold water only when it’s wet. Using that line of thinking, we have to get you saturated. Therefore, the more you drink, the less you’ll have to go to the bathroom; drink more, pee less

I talk to clients all the time about hydration. Your body is 70% water, and blood is 94% water. Put simply…YOU NEED WATER TO SURVIVE! To make sure you’re getting enough water every day, I have a simple equation to use: Take your body weight, divide it in half, and drink that many ounces of water each day. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to be drinking 100 ounces of water daily. If you drink anything that’s not water, I want you to double that amount in additional ounces of water per day. If you order a 20 oz. cup of coffee from Starbucks, that’s an additional 40 ounces of water that gets added to the initial 100 ounces. Got it? Great! Start today!

Yes, the first few days you’ll be running to the bathroom (remember our dry sponge?), but once your bladder and body become saturated you’ll be able to hold more water and won’t be running down the hall every five minutes. Keep in mind that Pete’s first book is titled “The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion,” so when you’re running to the bathroom, keep telling yourself that you’re benefiting from the movement as well!

QUESTION: How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

Keep me posted on your progress!