Back Pain Eliminated Through Egoscue

I wanted to share Michael’s testimonial with you all. Michael came to see us with very intense back pain and was in the middle of training for the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon. Over the span of just a couple weeks, Michael’s pain was eliminated, however, he tweaked his back the week prior to his race. For most folks, this would be a deal breaker, but Michael knew what Egoscue could do for him. Here is his story:

I had been training for a marathon for 5 months when I injured my back lifting weights the week before my race. I was in extreme pain and having difficulty even walking. I had no idea how I was going to run the race. I called John and knowing how important the race was to me, as he had been helping me get through the heavy training load, he made time to fit me in 2 days before my flight left. Walked in to the clinic at a 7 pain level and after John went through the menu with me I was at a very comfortable 1-2. I did the menu daily and the morning of the race and ran a 3:55, 4 minutes faster than I planned.

Michael gave us a call the Monday following the race to thank us for getting him pain free. He left the clinic that previous week at a 1 on the pain scale, raced with ZERO pain, and ran faster than he had anticipated. Sounds like a great race if you ask me! Congrats, Michael! Your hard work paid off.

Have you run a marathon? What was your best race? Did you run it pain free?