I Predicted Tiger Woods Would Get Injured

If you don’t remember, I went on the “Talking Golf with Virgil Herring” radio show about seven or eight months ago. I worked with Virgil and his co-host, Ned Michaels, to help eliminate their pain and get them more functional on the course. During the segment, we got on the subject of Tiger Woods and the string of injuries he has had to deal with, and I predicted that Tiger would get injured again. As you’ll hear on the audio, I predicted a back injury, and even though that didn’t happen, I don’t think he’s in the clear quite yet. As most of you know, Tiger pulled out of The Players Championship this last weekend with yet another knee injury. This time it was accompanied by (more) Achilles pain and calf pain.

While the back injury for Tiger hasn’t happened…yet, I firmly believe that if Tiger doesn’t get to the root cause of ALL of these injuries, he has no hope of returning to “Tiger” form and worse yet, his career might be over. Tiger (and those around him trying to help), you can’t continue treating the symptom. You HAVE to address the cause. I know it’s a long shot, but if you happen to read this, I’d be happy to help. You can contact me at 615.771.8556 or johne@egoscue.com.

CLICK HERE to read the original post and listen to the audio from “Talking Golf with Virgil Herring.”

Are you a golfer? What are your thoughts on Tiger’s injuries? What injuries have sidelined you and what did you do about them?