Brian’s Egoscue Experiment

Brian from is embarking on an Egoscue journey to find his cure to chronic knee pain. He and I have talked extensively about Vibram FiveFingers, his knee pain, posture and how they are all related. He also collected testimonials from several of my clients, asking them to share their Egoscue story and how they incorporated Vibrams into their daily life. Here’s Brian’s story and those of my clients:

For the last 16 months, I’ve embarked on a part-time medical voyage to battle some nagging patellar (knee) tendonitis that just won’t go away.  I haven’t actually traveled out of the local area, but I have visited more specialists and done more research than I would have ever thought possible of myself.  The fact of the matter is, I just don’t think surgery is necessary to heal this up, so I’m making sure no stone is unturned in my search for a surgery-alternative relief.

A while back my knee started flaring up during a softball game.   I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the inflammation didn’t let up the next day, or the next week, so I made an appointment with my family doctor.  He checked to make sure it wasn’t something major, and eventually honed in on it being patellar tendonitis.  He assigned some exercises to help alleviate the pain and left it at that.  In short, the exercises and stretches didn’t work, and I went to an orthopedist to take a more detailed look.  After x-rays and an MRI, this new doctor verified that the family doctor was correct.  He then laid out a solution path, advancing forward only if the previous treatment failed.  In order, they were:

  1. Physical Therapy – Failed after 8 weeks, 3x’s per week
  2. Cortisone Injections – Failed
  3. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) – Ongoing?
  4. Surgery – No Thanks

I went through his first two recommendations without success.  During this time, I started thinking about other options that he may not be recommending.  After some research, I discovered Iontophoresis, Prolotherapy, Cissus (courtesy of the 4 Hour Body), and a number of other alternatives.  None of these did the trick for me, per se, but I did have some temporary relief with Iontophoresis and I’ve had one treatment of PRP that I believe may have provided some slight improvement (I was told to do three full treatments, but I wanted to test some other things out before doing the next two).

During this search, I came across something else that seemed almost too good to be true:  Egoscue….READ THE REST

Thanks to my clients who contributed! Your stories will inspire others to take control of their health. Brian, I’m excited to see your progress! Best of luck, and keep me posted.

What’s your Egoscue story? Share it in the comments section below!