Eliminate Your Headache Pain Now!

We see a LOT of folks who struggle with chronic headaches. In fact, my wife struggled with them for years prior to doing Egoscue. I’m happy to report that with the exception of a headache or two while she was pregnant, she has been essentially headache-free for about five years now.

A lot of folks pop pills to eliminate the pain and some even go so far as to do regular shots/injections, but wouldn’t you love to get to the root cause rather than just masking the symptoms? When dealing with a headache, you have to stay focused on the head and shoulders position. A misaligned head/shoulders position will prevent the capillaries from carrying blood and oxygen to the head properly. (Think of this as a road under construction. If you have a four-lane highway that is down to one lane, everything gets backed up and traffic doesn’t flow properly.) The pressure from the headache comes from the capillaries expanding in an attempt to bulldoze their way through. The body knows that it’s of the utmost importance to get the blood and oxygen to the head, and it will use any means necessary. The good news is that you’re still alive…the bad news is that your head, neck and shoulders are killing you.

If you’re seeking to eliminate the cause of your headache, start with these three e-cises. You can do them right where you are and don’t need any special equipment!



Focus on what changes. What feels different after doing them as compared to prior to doing them? Keep me posted on your progress and contact us with any questions.