The 4-Hour Body

I know many of you are reading “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss. If you aren’t reading it, I would highly recommend doing so. In this follow-up to his best-selling “The 4-Hour Workweek“, Ferriss takes his turn at “body hacking”. His mission was to discover just how much he can get his body to do. From weight loss to muscle gain to holding his breathe longer than Houdini, Ferriss has spent the last 10 years (and a large sum of his own money) being his own guinea pig in an attempt to “hack” into his body, as he likes to call it.

Looking to drop 20 pounds in 30 days? Eat more than usual on his slow-carb eating plan. One of my friends I told about the book lost 10 pounds and over 9% body fat in his first week on the diet. Looking to gain muscle while dropping your body fat percentage? Ferris gained 34 pounds of muscle in just 28 days without using steroids. One of my goals this year was to gain weight, so I’ve adopted Ferriss’ plan. In 19 days, I’ve gained almost 10 pounds of lean muscle.

There really were no limits to his self-experimentation and he has included everything from diet to sex to baseball. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is my body capable of that?”, there’s a good chance the answer (or at least a good starting point to find the answer) is in this book.

One other thing he highly recommends is Egoscue, included in the chapter on “Reversing ‘permanent’ injuries” (pgs. 302-306). Tim first came to our Phoenix clinic in 2009. He had been introduced to Egoscue previously but for a couple different reasons, hadn’t taken the plunge. One day, Tim was in Tempe eating lunch with a friend who happened to have an appointment that afternoon. Tim was skeptical, but tagged along with his friend anyway.

I agreed to accompany him and undergo an evaluation, fully prepared for a nice dose of voodoo.

Instead, I walked out 90 minutes later with no pain in my mid-back for the first time in six months, I couldn’t believe it.

He couldn’t believe it, but it didn’t surprise anyone within Egoscue. His experience was typical of the majority of our clients. Finally, someone treated the cause of the symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves. The result? This “permanent” injury was reversed. He’d gone from hopeless to hopeful in 90 minutes.

He also talks about his experience in the Tower (watch the video here).

The supine groin progressive (the “Tower”), the most inconvenient, unusual, and time-consuming of the five (e-cises) is the singular most effective tool I’ve found for eliminating psoas and other hip flexor tightness to unlock the pelvis and relieve hamstring tightness.

I love that he came to the clinic with both upper back pain and tight hip flexors and hamstrings, yet left with BOTH symptoms better than when he walked in the door. Like I said before, typical of the vast majority of our clientele.

If you’re looking for an Egoscue clinic we have 25 clinic worldwide. If you don’t happen to have one in your city, no problem! We do Skype therapy with clients all over the world. Add me as a Skype contact: egoscuenashville. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Are you reading “The 4-Hour Body”? What are your thoughts? Have you lost weight? Gained weight? Reversed a “permanent” injury? Let me know about it!