True Core Strength?

I’m sure a number of you workout.  And, I’m sure a number of you do abdominal work. You do crunches, oblique abdominals, and maybe even full sit-ups.  But, wouldn’t you love to get better efficiency from your abdominal work?  Wouldn’t you like to work smarter and not harder?  I know I sure would!

I know most of you work on those ever-popular “Six-pack Abs” but have you ever expanded your scope?  How many of you have thought about your shoulder position while doing abs?  My guess is that most of you fold your arms in front of you across your chest, thus rounding your shoulders.  If you’re in a position to do so, get down on the floor right now and do 10-20 abdominal crunches with your arms folded across your chest.  Pay attention to what’s working.  Now, try another set but this time interlace your fingers and bring your hands behind your head.  Pull your elbows “back” as if you’re pulling them to the floor.  What’s working now?  Are they harder than normal?  Tune in to your body.

Now, I want you do download the 4 Free E-Cises and go through them, in order.  Now try those crunches again with your fingers interlaced and your hands behind your head.  What’s different?  Are they easier now than they were before?  My guess is that they are!  How’s that possible?  We didn’t do anything to “train” your abs, yet for the vast majority of you, your abs are stronger.

The difference is that the body coming to the abdominal work is now more functional and efficient.  Your body is now working smarter, not harder.  You’re getting more efficient abdominal engagement and are able to do less “work” with better results.

What was your experience?  Let me know what changed with your abdominal work by leaving a comment.