Birdies-for-Children Campaign

Want to help a great cause? Join the Egoscue Foundation in delivering research and education in the fields of physical health, self care, functional independence, and nutrition through the Birdies-for-Children campaign! If you correctly guess the number of birdies made during the 2011 Honda Classic, you win a 2011 Honda car! All proceeds will go DIRECTLY to the Egoscue Foundation.

Pledge $20 (1 guess), $40 (2 guesses), $50 (3 guesses), $100 (6 guesses) -the more you guess the better chances you have to win a new car. All donations are tax deductible and come directly to the Egoscue Foundation, plus an additional 10% match! The Foundation gets 110% of what you donate.

Be sure to put “Egoscue Nashville” in the “Solicited by” box so we can track all the donations!  Thanks in advance!

What the Foundation has done and will continue doing through the Patch Project Initiative is very near to my heart.  I’ve written about it here on my blog some 15 times before (type ‘Patch’ into the search box and you’ll find archived posts).  We HAVE to save this younger generation.  We CANNOT let them live sicker, shorter, more medicated lives, than those who came before them, and I’ll do whatever I can to help.  Right now, I’m asking you to join me.  Repost this blog, tweet it, share the link on Facebook, whatever you have to do. Let’s help this generation change!