Egoscue for Bodybuilders

I love this new testimonial from our client. Sabrina had been dealing with extreme low back pain for years before coming to Egoscue. She just hit her one-year anniversary with Egoscue last week. Great job, Sabrina! Keep working hard!

I never knew just how bad I felt before until I started feeling good again.” This is one of the ways that I describe to others what Egoscue has done for me. I’m thrilled that I am gaining back flexibility and mobility that I had lost over the past 27 years of weight training/bodybuilding. Work out after work out, cardio after cardio, I would walk away without stretching. Even though my body looked “ok” on the outside, I had become a dysfunctional mess. Well, to the average person I looked fine, but posturally I had become a nightmare. I knew that my posture was lacking, but I had no idea it was causing so many of my problems. About 3 ½ years ago I was diagnosed with L-5/S-I Spondylolithesis which was causing me discomfort in my low back and annoying symptoms such as numbness in my lower right leg and trigger pains in my calves, hamstrings, and glutes. The discovery that my postural dysfunction was causing me a lot of health issues was made by John Elder, clinic director of Egoscue Nashville. After countless various doctors visits, physical therapy, massage therapy (all of which had limited temporary relief), I am now getting much longer relief and much greater health benefits through the Egoscue Method. When I telephone call Egoscue Nashville I get the help that I need as John his staff listen to my concerns and answer my questions as I travel my journey.

At 48 years old I’m happy to say that I am also getting the added benefit of looking younger, not to mention feeling younger. This summer I recently took 5th place in The North American Body Building and Figure Competition in Cleveland, OH! Until I started feeling better through Egoscue I wasn’t even sure I would be able to continue competing nationally and training as hard as before. Since Egoscue, my training and cardio are less of a chore because my body does not have to labor as hard to move. I’m hoping that with restoring correct functional posture, I will be able to better improve my physique. Being posturally balanced is my goal and I’ve been willing to put in the time and effort into retraining my body. I like being in control of my health. I feel like God has blessed me with finding Egoscue.

Before Egoscue I had been stretching heavily and only getting temporary relief. Recently I have been back to my ART/Chiropractor and also my massage therapist and BOTH have noticed the difference they felt in my body and were impressed. Think you don’t have the time or money to invest in Egoscue? Think again! You could be losing your independence and losing control of your health. I’m telling my story because I want others to have the chance to regain hope and to feel good again. Also, to urge others to take control of their own health!

-Sabrina S.

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