Scoliosis Testimonial

I had the opportunity to work with a new client last week who was almost at the end of her rope. Tara was the perverbial I’ve-tried-everything-else-and-nothing’s-worked, client. I’ve heard that statement from a lot of clients, but this time, it really was true. She is 28 and has had a Harrington Rod in her spine since the age of 14. As part of the procedure, surgeons fused her spine from T1 through L2–over half of her spine. She was experiencing pain all over her body, not just in her spine, and came to Egoscue as her ‘last hope’. She was admittedly skeptic. I know she had been told before how ‘great’ certain therapies were, and other health practitioners had promised the moon, only to fall short time and again. She was fearful and depressed, and I could tell her pain was no longer simply affecting her physically. Now it was taking a toll on her emotionally.

Her appointment went well, and she left feeling ‘different’. There was some decrease in pain, but she still wasn’t 100% ready to believe that she can heal herself. Much to my delight, I checked my email that night and received this:

I wanted to check in and you know….make sure I’m not crazy or anything. So far I feel really good. No significant pain, other than soreness. I have had weird, semi-sharp “pulling” feelings all through my pelvis.

So far I’m impressed. 🙂

That totally made my week! She was starting to understand the ‘process’ of returning the body back to its original design blueprint. She had pain but didn’t fear it….instead she was ‘impressed’. How great is that?

I also told her brief pain story on our Egoscue Nashville Facebook Fan Page and later received this response:

I just wanted to say thank you. I left today feeling a little tired and sore but fine overall (which is actually more than I can say after four hours of doing anything else, especially physically demanding stuff like you had me doing!). After a short time I realized I was feeling better… *mobile* even. I started to feel a headache coming on about an hour after (the kind that usually turn into a migraine) but it went away within a few moments and I’ve felt GOOD all night.

Again, she’s sore but not fearful. A headache came on but quickly went away. She’s understanding that pain isn’t permanent, and there’s no reason to fear it. Isn’t that the biggest step? This is a client who has lived in fear of injury, brokenness, ‘doing too much’, etc. for half of her life. She’s been told she’s broken and that her current condition is her health destiny. I don’t buy it and neither should she! I’m excited to evaluate her on Skype this week and continue making progress.

What have you been told about why you hurt? Do you believe what you’ve been told? Or is there something inside you telling you that what you’ve been told doesn’t ‘add up’? I’d love to hear your comments. Share your story with us. I guarantee you there’s someone else out there experiencing the same thing you are.