Catching Marlin on a Fly Rod PAIN FREE!

After hearing Peter’s story about his recent fishing trip, I had to ask him to write a testimonial. There were a couple of reasons for my asking: 1) Peter’s is a remarkable story of what the body is capable of when you give it a chance to heal, and 2) I love fishing, especially on a fly rod. One of my dreams is to do exactly what Peter had the opportunity to do just a few months ago–marlin fishing with a fly rod! I’ll let him tell the whole story. Great job, Peter, and keep up the great work!

I am an avid outdoorsman, particularly when it comes to hunting and fishing. At almost 60 years old, however, my congenital scoliosis finally began to catch up with me in recent years; I found that spending hours standing in a fishing boat or hunting blind resulted in low back pain/soreness and tension in my neck, shoulders and hips. Finally, at the advice of a couple of family members who had found relief in the Egoscue Method, I contacted John Elder and began my menu in March 2010. I regularly completed my menu for more than 2 months, when it came time for my annual fishing trip with 2 friends. Our destination was the Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica, our targets were marlin and sailfish. As we planned on spending the nite on our fishing boat 60 miles offshore, I was anxious about how my body would react to the constantly unstable platform of a fiberglass boat for almost 72 hours, not to mention the stress of fighting big fish on light tackle. Well, we had the trip of a lifetime, hooking almost 30 billfish in 3 days fishing; AND, I hooked and brought to the boat a 250 lb. blue marlin on a fly rod, after almost two hours. The most amazing part of the trip, however, was how my body felt during the trip and after getting off the boat. For the first time in 15 years, I had no soreness or any sort of pain during and after the trip. I frankly was shocked as to the lack of ill effects particularly after the long fight on fly tackle with the marlin. Clearly, being diligent with John Elder’s recommended menu thru the Egoscue Method paid big dividends and taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of regular, intelligent e-cises in taking care of the old body!
– Peter S., Memphis, TN