‘The Today Show’ Tries Vibram FiveFingers

Recent studies show 60% of Today Show anchors prefer less (Al, Ann, and Natalie) vs. more (Meredith and Matt)! Great segment from this morning’s show about the newest shoes on the market. They discussed the shape-up/tone-up shoes that have been a big hit recently, but they also highlighted the Vibram FiveFingers. ‘The Today Show’ correspondent Peter Alexander even went running with them in Central Park.

Check out the segment HERE.

Notice Ann’s shoes she has on? Those are the Nike Frees that Egoscue helped develop in the early 2000s. They are excellent shoes (I have 6-7 pair now), but I much prefer the Vibrams over the Nikes. Once you get used to the Vibrams, there’s really no going back. I run in them, workout in them, and wear them as much as I possibly can. We also get as many of our clients in them as possible.

My gut instinct on the shape-up shoes is that they are a bit gimmicky. The design reminds me of MBT shoes that have a rocker-type effect to them. They might bring you into a better position posturally, but there is also the risk that if the body isn’t set up for them (meaning aligned properly) they could actually exacerbate your structural dysfunctions. I believe your knocked-knees could actually get a bit worse by wearing them. On a side note, the MBT website claims they are ‘The Anti-Shoe’…um…wouldn’t that be barefoot?

If you are thinking about any of these shoes, let’s make sure your body is set up for them. I recently did a series on Vibrams and how they increase your overall function/decrease your pain. You can download free e-cises that will help improve the posture/function of the body coming to the shoes (whichever shoes you decide to wear). Check them out here:

Part I: ‘More Shoe, More Pain’

Part II: ‘Hip Shoes’

Part III: ‘Breathe Easy’

Part IV: ‘Shoulder the Load’

Which shoes do you prefer? Any that aren’t on the list? Add your comments below and tell me what has worked best for you!