Exercise Boosts Health of Cancer Patients

I just read the following article from yahoo.com:

Exercise during and after treatment improves quality of life and eases fatigue for patients battling either breast or prostate cancer, a new study finds.
“Using exercise as an approach to cancer care has the potential to benefit patients both physically and psychologically, as well as mitigate treatment side effects,” study lead author Dr. Eleanor M. Walker, division director of breast services in the department of radiation oncology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, said in a statement.

Walker and colleagues created a program called ExCITE that encouraged 30 female breast cancer patients and 20 prostate cancer patients to collaborate on individualized exercise programs. The researchers followed the patients, aged 35 to 80, during their treatment and for a year afterward.

Before patients joined the exercise program, the hospital’s cardiology division evaluated their skeletal muscle strength, endurance and capacity for exercise. Staff also examined patients’ weight, overall health, and type of cancer treatment, as well as doing blood work, bone density screens, metabolic screenings and workups for inflammatory “markers.”

“Exercise is a great alternative to patients combating fatigue and nausea who are considering using supplements which may interfere with medications and chemotherapy they’re taking during cancer treatment,” Walker concluded.

I love it! I love that studies are out encouraging those of you struggling with cancer and the lingering effects of cancer treatments to move in order to boost your energy level. I know that may sound counterintuitive. You’re probably thinking that if your energy level is already low due to the daily battle against cancer, then working out or exercising would only exacerbate the fatigue issue. However, the opposite is true. When you start moving, the metabolic system kicks into a higher gear! The faster the metabolism, the more energy you have! Now we’re rockin’ and rollin’!

Here’s what Pete Egoscue has to say about energy in his new book “Let’s Lighten Up” (bolded words are my comments):

Just as the ice cream stored in your kitchen freezer will melt if the electricity goes out for a couple of hours, when the body goes off-line (skeletal dysfunctions, pain, disease, etc.) and loses contact with the universal power grid, it too melts. Musculoskeletal form and function are quickly lost without a constant flow of high wavelength energy. why? Death dematerializes living tissue. Only the energy endures forever. Short of dealth, the early, obvious and progressive stages of dematerialization are the body’s means of warning us that something is happening that in many cases (far more than we think) is within our power to substantially affect (YES, even cancer!). By ignoring the message or merely addressing the pain symptoms with pain killers, joint replacement and other forms of surgery (treatment), the most inportant message of all is lost–Lack of energy is killing you, and it is time for you to change the stimulus.

Isn’t that cool? Hopefully it’s encouraging as well. Your lack of energy is changeable! Your current condition/state of wellbeing isn’t permanent! I believe you’re fixable. Last fall I shot a series of e-cises related to cancer (specifically breast cancer) and your metabolic system. If you’re facing this seemingly uphill battle, I would encourage you to check out this video. The e-cises provided will boost your energy level and put your body in a better position to heal.

I’d love for you to share your cancer story in the comments section of this post and encourage others who might be fighting your exact battle! Best of luck with your fight, and keep moving!