What Would Jesus Eat?

I should have posted this around Easter. This blog post from www.time.com is talking about researchers analyzing paintings of The Last Supper. Researchers are discovering that over the years artists have enlarged both portion sizes and head sizes of those in attendance in The Last Supper. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think there’s a huge relationship between how we are ‘growing’ as a society and how the artists are portraying the Apostles and Jesus.

With more and more of us turning our attention to how we are eating, and how our kids are eating, this is a pretty timely article and an interesting read. If you haven’t watched Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution‘, please do yourself a favor and tune in! Egoscue is doing our part to fight childhood obesity with the Patch Project Initiative. Join Jamie Oliver, Egoscue, Patch Fitness to help change lives!