Obama Needs Egoscue

I read the other day that President Obama had his first check-up since his inauguration. For the most part, everything checked out okay. Of course, he was told to quit smoking, and his cholesterol was high. But other than that, he got a clean bill of health. Except for that pesky left knee tendonitis. The article noted that he’d been struggling with it for a while, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was causing his knee pain. I know he doesn’t have a “bad” knee. I also know it’s not basketball’s fault, because if it were, both knees should have tendonitis. So, I did a little work. I did a “Google Image” search to see what I could come up with. The results were exactly what I thought they would be. His load joints—shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles—are misaligned. What kept jumping out at me as I scanned hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures was two-fold: First, President Obama has an elevated left hip. If you look at the picture of him on the beach you’ll see what I’m talking about. Notice the waistline on his swimsuit and how much higher the left side is compared to the right side. You can also see a difference in the “pitting” of his rib cage from left to right. There is more of a “pit” on his left side compared to his right side. This pitting further proves that his left hip is sitting higher than his right. If his left hip isn’t in the same position as his right hip (and therefore isn’t doing an equal amount of work as the right hip), what is making up for this compromised joint position? His body is still getting him from Point A to Point B, but at what cost? I believe that the compromised left hip position is now making the left knee work overtime. The knee (hinge joint) is now being asked to help do the job of the left hip (ball-and-socket joint), and that spells trouble.

Second, his feet are everted (duck-footed), and they aren’t everted evenly. His right foot is more everted than his left. It’s splaying out in attempt to stabilize because of the misalignment of his hips. There is a constant tug-of-war going on between his hip joint and his ankle joint, and the joint caught in the middle—the knee—is taking a beating.

I also noticed that in a lot of the photos of him standing, his weight is shifted to the left (similar to his position in the picture above). So, even though his left knee hurts, he tends to lean to that side. This goes against common knowledge. When something hurts, don’t you usually come away from it? You and I aren’t going to carry on a conversation while I rest my hand on a hot burner! You can bet I’ll be pulling my hand off of that burner as quickly as I put it down. You would think that President Obama would be trying to take pressure off of his knee instead of leaning on it. There were countless other pictures that I found of him where it appears that he’s leaning directly on that painful knee.

So, Mr. President, I would like to offer a solution to your knee pain in the form of Egoscue. We have a lot of options to eliminate your pain. If you want to give me the number to the ‘red phone’, I’ll call you and we can talk.