Tricks or Treats?

Matt Whitehead from our Egoscue Portland clinic sheds some light on why you hurt, and this is an especially great post for runners to read. The article he is referring to was in the NY Times last week and talks about the many ‘treatments’ individuals experience in physical therapy. Matt discusses what sets Egoscue apart from physical therapy and has included some great testimonials from runners who have worked with Egoscue. Here’s a taste of what he has to say:

The problem is the beliefs we have coming in are not allowing us to find the true cause because they are blinding us of the truth. If your doctor or physical therapist believes running is “hard on the body” and has “too much impact for your joints” then you are going to conclude running just isn’t good for you and you should stop running if you want to save your knees. But what happens when you quit running? Your knees might feel better for a couple months or years but later on in life they start hurting worse. You (and all your doctors, physical therapists, etc.) blame this on the running you used to do and finally you decide to get your knees replaced. Everyone involved in this scenario had the same belief coming in that running is “hard on the body” and has “too much impact for your joints.” This belief never allowed you to open your eyes to what was really causing the pain and thus you never found an answer to your pain (and we all know the knee replacement didn’t fix the problem because you are still limited in what you can do with your new knees).

Pretty eye-opening and hopefully focus-changing for those of you battling pain. Be sure to read the rest of the post HERE.