Burst Training

I’ve been doing some research on burst training after some friends of mine turned me on to it.  I gotta admit, it’s a very interesting concept.  Here is burst training in a nutshell: When you workout, you are either burning fats or sugars.  When you are finished working out, your body burns the opposite of what was burned during your workout, and continues to do so for the next day or so.  So, if you are in your ‘fat-burning zone’ during your workout, then you will be burning sugars for the day or two following.  Sounds good, right?  What if I told you that sugars are stored in your muscles, and instead of burning fats for two days after your workout, you are instead burning the muscles that you’re trying to build?  Sounds not-so-good, right?  Here is where burst training comes in.  Research is showing that shorter intervals (bursts of any exercise for 20-60 seconds, repeated for 3-4 sets) get you in your sugar-burning zone.  If you’re in your sugar-burning zone during your workout, that means that you will be burning fat (while holding onto the muscle) for the day or two following your workout.  I’m guessing I now have your attention!  And, the TOTAL time of your workout will be about 10 minutes, including resting in between the sets.  That’s my kind of workout!

You can find burst training videos and sample workouts at healthyoates.com compliments of Nathan and Jenni Oates.  They have a remarkable story and are all-around great people.  Let me know what you think.  I’ll keep you posted as I embark on my new burst training journey.  Keep moving!