How are you Sleeping?

Just curious how you’re sleeping.  Why would I be asking this?  Because I have a solution for you: move.  Get up, and get going.  Makes sense, right?  If you use more energy during the day, you’ll sleep better at night.  Chances are this isn’t anything new.  It’s certainly not a new concept to those of us in the Egoscue circle.  I talk to clients everyday who are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, and the majority are sedentary during their day.  Now we have new research proving what Egoscue and others have been saying for years.  If you are active during the day, you’ll rest better at night.  Here is a very interesting article from the NY Times that has accompanying research that breaks down just how much better you’ll sleep if you move during the day.  One of my clients, Joan Hampf (you can watch her testimony below) woke up every morning at 3:30 for two years.  The night after her first appointment, she slept until 5:30!  She moved in ways she hadn’t before, put her body in a better position, and her cardio-vascular system responded accordingly!  Her body was receiving more blood and oxygen and was in a more restful state for a longer period of time.  So for those of you dealing with sleep disorders or nights filled with tossing and turning, do your Egoscue menu before bed and let me know what changes.  If you don’t have an Egoscue menu, grab the book “Pain Free” by Pete Egoscue, read the first three chapters, and go to the chapter on Head Pain/Headaches.  The menu in that chapter will help reestablish proper head/shoulder position, putting your upper body in a more functional position.  This will allow the C-V system to operate more efficiently, and you will sleep better!  Email me and let me know the results.  Keep moving!