Scary Truths about ADHD Meds

Check out this blog post from Jenni Oates.  Jenni is a local (Franklin, TN) health and wellness blogger.  I’ve found a lot of her posts to be very informative.  Keep up the great work, Jenni!

This post happens to be about ADHD medication.  Scary, scary stuff when you really do your research.  ADD and ADHD are especially close to my heart because of the work we’re doing with The Egoscue Foundation and the Patch Project Initiative.  For those of you who don’t know what The Patch is, it’s an indoor obstacle course, and our goal through the PPI is to donate a Patch to every school in the nation.  Yes….DONATE.  That means FREE.  No strings attached.  The Foundation’s mission is to prevent childhood obesity, diabetes, ADD & ADHD, the list goes on and on.  We can do all of those things, and more, by getting our kids active.  We’re living in a time when many school districts are eliminating Physical Education and recess all together.  We now need the PPI more than ever, especially when you consider the ‘digital’ age in which most of today’s kids are being brought up.  There is an overwhelming lack of motion, and society needs to be jump started!

If you know of a school or non-profit who is in need of a Patch, I strongly encourage you to get them on the donation list.  We are infecting society with ACTIVITY, and doing it from the ground up…don’t miss out!