A Great Example of Health Through Motion

I read this article in The Tennessean today.  It’s a feel-good story about a 101 year old whose dream was to ballroom dance again.  What an accomplishment!  I love that she didn’t let her age get in the way and use that as an excuse to not do something.  Too often we get caught in the “I’m just too old to…” trap.  When it comes to your health, age isn’t a determining factor.  And the subject of this article, Dorthy Kley, should be an inspiration to us all!  Congrats to Dorthy on 101 years of health and wellness!  All the best to you from here on out.

This story was special to me because my wife’s great-grandfather passed away this spring just short of 103.  I always loved cornering him at family get-togethers to listen to his stories.  I was captivated by what he lived through.  He was actually alive the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series.  For all you long-suffering Cubs fans…think about THAT!  He lived through the World Wars, The Great Depression, and he was one of the last 13 hourly employees of Studebaker.  He was a remarkable man.  One day he let me in on his “secret” to a long life.  It will always stick with me, and I hope you enjoy it:

1. Clean living

2. Read the Bible daily

3. Work hard

4. Go easy on the hard work!

What a way to live!  So, now that the “secret” is out, I hope you’ll implement his four easy steps to long living.  Keep moving and “working hard”.