Egoscue Testimonial

I received this on the Egoscue Nashville Fan Page on Facebook.  Thanks to Cathy for the very kind words.  Congrats to Houston for doing the work!  It takes commitment and dedication when you decide to take control of your health back into your hands!  Keep up the great work!


I can’t say enough good things about Egoscue. My son, Houston, was diagnosed on his 21st birthday with 2 herniated disks, and the only words that came out the doctor’s mouth was surgery. After hearing about this method from another client last year, I emailed John the next day as I willing to try anything to save him from surgery. We were able to connect later that day. Unfortunately, he was going out of town until the next Monday so he emailed me exercises for Houston to start. I am not sure how many other therapists or doctors would do that, not knowing if we would show after sending the exercises. Now, after 7 weeks, I am happy to report that Houston has made tremendous progress and is just about pain free. Thank you John !!!!!