Dr. Oz on Health Care Reform

I just came across this article from Dr. Oz.  I think Dr. Oz is full of great info, and the majority of the time doesn’t let his personal opinion or politics skew his take on what is right and wrong when it comes to someone’s health.  I’ve found his appearances on Oprah to be very informative, and I’m looking forward to his new show coming out this fall.  Here’s his take on the current state of health care in America, and I totally agree with him.  His point is that health care reform isn’t about the financial side of this debate.  It’s about people actually taking charge, and….gasp….personal responsibility!….for their health in hopes of delaying or preventing certain medications or procedures all together!  This is exactly what we preach at Egoscue when it comes to chronic pain.  YOU have to take charge.  We are putting control (as much as we can have here on this earth) of your health back into your hands.  We have to start thinking about our total health and well being in terms of being PROactive rather than REactive.  Start eating better, shopping at the grocery store wiser, take a walk, ride a bike.  Get active again.  Don’t let diabetes become your health destiny just because your mother had it.  Don’t accept that you are obese just because your father is.  Take control and change your family tree.  Change not only your life, but also those of generations to come.  The first step is always the toughest to take.  Don’t be scared…you’ll thank yourself later.

Read the full article here.