True Core Stability?

Great article from the NY Times magazine.  There is new evidence/research out regarding true core strength.  A lot of modalities teach you to ‘suck and tuck’ while doing certain (all?) movements, but new research is showing that it might not be as beneficial as once thought.  Egoscue, for one, doesn’t believe in it due to the fact that you’re born with an arch in your lower back, and the ‘suck and tuck’ motion eliminates that arch.  Another way to think about it is to flex your biceps.  Now, hold that position for a month….you wouldn’t do it with the muscles in your arm.  Why are you doing it with your abs?  Let ’em go.  They have a time and place to work, just not ALL the time.

Read the entire article here.  Let me know what you think.  Agree?  Disagree?  Give me your thoughts.