Steve McNair Dead

I can’t believe Steve McNair was found dead today at a downtown Nashville condo.  This is a tragic story and a sad day for Nashville.  Steve, at least in the media, seemed to be one of the good guys.  He gave his body to his profession and for 11 out of the 13 years to the Oilers/Titans organization.  Every Sunday you would find him on the field, most times regardless of his physical condition.  I have always said there is a difference between playing ‘hurt’ and playing ‘injured’.  During my 20 some years of playing baseball, I frequently played hurt, but I never played injured.  To me, and many other athletes, there was a huge difference.  Not for Steve.  I saw him play hurt AND injured.  He was a true team-first player.  All the best to his family and friends.  Our prayers are with you today.