Hip Replacement Testimony

This is from Theresa Mathes in our Austin Clinic.  John was doing Egoscue in preparation for his hip replacement.   Theresa predicted that if John worked on his posture prior to surgery, his recovery on the back end would be MUCH quicker.  Theresa predicted things correctly!  Nice work John, and congrats on the speedy recovery!


Well, John just may have joined the ranks of the medial record books. Dr. Thoulson said that out of 800 hip replacement patients, John is his number one in recovery. He even sent over a video camera team to film John walking down the hospital corridor without a cane — this just two days past surgery! The likely combo was that he had three unique nerve blocks, spinal, sacral, and lumbar and then was given the twilight drug. This all fooled his brain into not knowing he even had a new hip put in! Second to that, the Egoscue Method advocates that doing postural movement menus readies a person for a superior surgical recovery, so I have to believe that John’s exercises these last two years made a wonderful difference for him. Whatever combo prepared him so well, and many hands contributed, he is one happy man, now recovering at home! Thank you for your calls, visits and e-mail and all!

We’re so happy that this long pain cycle just got beaten down!