Very Cool Testimony

This one comes from Rick Mathes at Egoscue Austin.  This is from a client of his with a great personal story. Her kids all went to medical school and when the last one left the house, she thought “you know, I think I’d enjoy medical school.” She applied and was accepted to the UT medical school in Houston. She started with Egoscue Austin right before entering medical school and even during all that time, with the incredibly challenging schedules, consistently did her menus and made great improvement.  Congratulations Patty!  And, keep up the GREAT work.


I first began Egoscue four years ago.  At that time, I had chronic back pain that made it difficult for me to sit for any period of time without pain.  In addition to the chronic back pain, approximately every 2-3 months, I would have an acute lower back “episode,” where my back would “lock up” on me and cause severe pain for 1-2 weeks.  Rick and Theresa gave me sets of customized exercises for my back that I did daily, despite the fact that I had just begun medical school and time was precious!  I had one mild “episode” about 2 months after I started Egoscue, but it lasted only 2-3 days and the pain was not as severe.  Since that time, I have not had one “episode,” and I have been able to sit for hours at a time studying with minimal or no pain.  Today, I continue to alternate my Egoscue routines and do the exercises daily.  My back is better than it has been in years.  I am able to walk, sit, and perform daily tasks without worrying that I will have an acute back “episode” or severe back pain.  My husband and physician daughter also are Egoscue believers, and they do daily routines as well because of the health benefits that Egoscue brings.

I recently graduated from medical school, and will continue to share the amazing program of Egoscue with my patients.  Egoscue promotes core body strength, teaches one how to move efficiently, and removes chronic pain.  I truly believe that everyone can benefit from this program.