Julia Green Elementary first TN school to get a Patch

On May 5th, 2009 Julia Green Elementary School in Nashville became the first school in the south (and 10th in the nation) to receive a Patch Indoor “O” Course from The Egoscue Foundation and the Patch Project Initiative.  The event was a HUGE success!  In addition to over 500 kids who were ecstatic to be receiving the Patch, the JGE Health and Wellness Committee, PTO President Lacey Bulow, former Penn State University Women’s Tennis coach, Buffy Baker, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s wife Anne Davis, and Tennessee Titan’s All-Pro Safety Chris Hope were all on hand to help with the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

I was honored to be representing The Egoscue Foundation and passing the scissors to Physical Education teacher Dr. Amy Caulkins for the official dedication.  The Foundation’s goal is to donate a Patch in every school in the nation.  Yes, we mean donate.  Free of charge.  Really.  Free.  So, I encourage each one of you to visit the Foundation’s site and sign up to be on the list.  It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be getting a patch, but hopefully “when” the ceremony will be.  Thanks again for your support of Egoscue, the Foundation and the Patch Initiative.

Here’s what the Tennessee Titans had to say about the event:

Hope Visits Local Elementary School to Promote Fitness

Posted May 5, 2009

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Egoscue Foundation’s Patch Project Initiative made its first stop in Tennessee earlier this week with Nashville’s Julia Green Elementary being the recipient of a “Patch Indoor Obstacle Course” donation. Titans Pro Bowl safety Chris Hope, who is very active with Titans fitness initiatives, made a surprise stop at the school to show his support and offer words of encouragement.

The Patch Project Initiative is a nationwide campaign focused on the reduction and elimination of childhood obesity.  The Egoscue Foundation donates Patch Fitness Equipment to schools and non-profit organizations throughout the United States.

Founded in May 2008, the Patch Project Initiative has already made 10 donations nation-wide and plans are to eventually have Patch Fitness Equipment in every school in America. The free of charge “gift” is the organization’s way of promoting leading a healthy lifestyle.

“The whole concept with the Patch Equipment is simply to play,” said Egoscue Clinic Director John Elder. “With this equipment being inside in the gym; rain, snow or shine these kids will have an opportunity to play and that’s what it’s all about.”

The Egoscue Foundation hopes to support schools in encouraging physical activity among its student population.  Patch Fitness Equipment in schools encourages the promotion of physical activity that is fun and beneficial, instilling the importance of exercise at an early age.

When Julia Green elementary principal Eileen Wells heard her school would receive the donation, she was “ecstatic” and having Hope come out and visit with the school was icing on the cake — something the students will take to heart with the player’s endorsement.

“We are so happy to have this new Patch equipment as a part of our physical education program and we think it will do a wonderful job with helping our children stay fit and healthy,” said Wells. “We were especially lucky to have Chris Hope come and be a part of this event. We are cognizant of all he does in the community and for him to come and visit us and share words with our students is just special.”

Greeted by a thunderous roar upon entering the school-wide assembly, Hope took time to shake hands, befriend students and share smiles before taking the microphone to share his message.

“It’s important for you to stay active. Active lifestyles and healthy choices go a long way in helping your bodies stay fit and lead longer lives,” said Hope. “Take time to get off the computers and video games. Go outside.”

Before closing, Hope issued one final invitation, “I challenge each of you to get at least 60 minutes of activity a day from here on out and you can start with the Patch equipment. Is that something you can do?” he asked. “Great.  I believe it’s something beneficial to all of you and something you all can do.”


Photo below: Egoscue Foundation Clinic Director John Elder, a Julia Green Elem. Administrator and Chris Hope celebrate the ribbon cutting of the Patch donation.