Great Testimony from Egoscue Atlanta

This is a great story coming out of our Atlanta Clinic.  Great job by Kathy and Sally!



I just finished my 6th week of Egoscue with Kathy in Atlanta and your first
book of Healing Through Motion.  The combination of your words and Kathy’s
instruction has given my life a new direction, a direction refilled with
pain-free motion that I have not enjoyed in fifteen years.

I am only forty, but I “lost” my lower back in Air Force pilot training
during some maneuvering in the early 90s.  I was still functional (and
flying) after the first episode of back pain, but I slowly began eliminating
twisting, bending and running activities as the pain cycled through my life.
Out went golf, skiing and softball, my three favorite physical activities,
and in their place I substituted restricted movement, back pain anxiety and
an attitude of capitulation to “bad genetics”.

It took just one day with Kathy and two pages of your book to realize that I
had it backwards:  My back didn’t give up on me, I gave up on my back..and
my body.  I learned that muscles move bones, an almost “the world is flat”
concept for me, and that strength is derived from position and coordination.
I learned that the body is a connectivity prism through which health is
derived and that what I do today to make myself functional will dictate the
quality and longevity of my life in the future.  And I learned that
sometimes simple concepts – and simple movements – can change a universe of
experience and bad assumptions.

Thank you for your book and your truly inspiring clinical director in Kathy.
You two have given me the most valuable gift I think I will ever receive in
this lifetime – the confidence to heal myself.