Adventure Race Update

As promised, I wanted to update you all on the race results. The good news is that Graham and I finished the race, although it was THE most grueling thing I have ever done. It challenged me in ways that I have never been before and probably never will be again. It was mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding in ways I could have never imagined.

We started off at 8 PM on Saturday night and raced continuously for over 21 hours. There were 22 checkpoints and two bonus checkpoints, for a total of 24 checkpoints. Congrats to Team Enduraventure/OutSpokin’ who got all 24 CPs and finished the race in under 23 hours.

Graham and I got the first three CPs with no problems. At the 3rd CP we picked up our canoe and headed to CP 4 and 5. We were tired of trekking and ready for the canoe, or so we thought. We were expecting a nice “break” but got more than we bargained for. We spent 5 1/2 hours on the lake (from 1 AM until 6:30 AM) and were completely exhausted when arriving at CP 5 to beach the canoe and start the 2nd trekking leg. Because we took such a long time on the canoe leg of the race we (along with several other teams) were rerouted to CP 10 and skipped CPs 6-9. When looking at the map, we realized that CPs 10 and 11 were island CPs (meaning we had to swim to retrieve them) and decided to head to CP 12. We retrieved CPs 12, 13, and 14 with few problems (other than bushwhacking/trekking for longer than expected) and picked up our bikes at CP 14. CPs 15-21 were biking CPs and we were just too exhausted to get them. We decided to ride to CP 22 and retrieve our canoe and head to the finish line. The bike to 22 was, unfortunately, a LOT of uphills (more than we remembered when walking that route earlier in the day) and our legs/hips took another beating. The canoe back across the lake wasn’t as bad as the earlier canoe leg, and we reached the other side without getting run over by the boat traffic out on the lake on Sunday. From there we had a VERY painful, approximately 3 mile walk to the finish. Our feet were completely trashed as we were constantly in a wet pair of socks for 21 hours and had begun to develop blisters.

Overall we were both exhausted but very happy that we competed in and finished the race. I was sore for a couple of days but am at nearly 100% today. I know that Egoscue allowed me to do this race not only pain free but without any hesitation or fear that I might hurt. So, let this be an encouragement to those of you who are hurting today. Keep in mind that I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in 1992. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if you give it a chance. Have patience, know that you aren’t “broken”, and develop a plan to not only eliminate your pain but prevent future pain and injuries.

There were 13 teams in our division (2 Male) and we finished 6th. Not bad for our first ever race! Overall (from what I can tell) we finished 28th out of 56 total teams. I’m definitely proud of our showing!

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