Bare Feet

In the early 2000s, Nike came to Egoscue Del Mar to talk to Pete about making a shoe that better supports the runner and quits causing injuries to the runner, as they knew Pete was one of the leading experts on the biomechanics of the human body and gait analysis. He suggested that if they were after “better support,” then they really needed to let the foot move more rather than supporting it. The muscles of the foot are designed to do a job–their job is to support the bones of the foot and keep them in the proper position. After a few years of development, Nike released the Nike Free shoe with the slogan, “Barefoot without being barefoot.” They are the best shoes I have ever worn, and I will never own anything else.

I was emailed this article from the Clinic Director of our Egoscue San Diego-Downtown location. It’s from and is an interview with New York Magazine’s Adam Sternburgh who wrote a different article on shoes and bare feet for the magazine. There is also a link to the full article that was published in New York Magazine. I would definitely recommend reading both. I would also recommend going barefoot as often as possible!