University of Wisconsin Volleyball

The Lady Badgers volleyball team recently spent their spring break in California (I use the term “break” lightly). The girls spent a lot of time on the beach, but there wasn’t much relaxing. They worked out daily at the Egoscue Del Mar Clinic and got to experience our outdoor patch, along with the infamous “Puke Hill”. Trust me, I’ve experienced it, and there isn’t one redeeming quality about Puke Hill, except for the fact that you know it has to end at some point. When on the beach, the girls were playing volleyball, going through their e-cises and even did an hour-long function run. I’ll be in San Diego in May and can’t wait to do the same…minus the volleyball, of course. Check out the rest of their trip and Egoscue experience here:

This is probably my favorite quote of the two blog entries:

“After Egoscue, we were back at the gym for another two-hour practice. This day’s practice was probably the best one yet. Our defense had definitely improved and a lot of us were making plays that we never had in the past. We found ourselves being able to get to more balls and felt that the Egoscue stretches and conditioning were really making a difference in the way we could control our movements.”

If you’re an athlete reading this, you have to find a way to incorporate Egoscue into your routine. I could say the same thing she said, but it speaks louder when someone other than the author is giving a testimonial. I came as an injured athlete, and Egoscue totally changed my approach to the game (baseball for me). I was more functional, faster, quicker, etc., etc. So, to get the most out of your body like these ladies are, get into an Egoscue clinic or get an online menu and find out what you’re truly capable of accomplishing.