Egoscue LA and A Client’s Perspective

Sorry for the delay all. Things have been busy here and the blog has unfortunately taken a hit. Here is a link to another blog of a client who visited our Egoscue West LA clinic. It gives a great perspective on Egoscue, life, and the struggles to find a cure to chronic pain. I know for a lot of you that this struggle to find a cure seems extremely daunting and endless. I hope this link gives you hope that 1) you don’t have to struggle and 2) someone else found a cure to their pain, and you can too.  We are here to help, but more importantly, we are here to listen.  I was amazed at her previous experiences and the absolute lack of listening.  I always tell my clients that you are never wrong and that you are the expert.  You know your body better than I ever will, and it’s up to you to listen to it.